Department of Sociology

Faculty of Arts, Social & Management Sciences

The Department offers one (1) Academic Programme viz:


The Department of Sociology of Coal City University, Enugu runs a four-year standard programme leading to the B.Sc. Honour Degree in Sociology. It also offers a three-year programme for students with Advanced Level paper at the general Certification of Education Examination or the Higher School Certificate Examination or the Higher School Certificate Examination.


The Sociology curricula is designed to combine scholarship with relevance, breadth with depth, scientific objectivity with commitment in providing students with general grounding in the principles, theories and methods of sociology.

Objectives of the Department

A degree Programme in Sociology seeks to fulfill a number of interested objectives:

  • To ground the student in the Principles of Philosophy and methods of Sociological investigation of Human and Animal behaviour with emphasis on the biological, Psychological.
  • To give students an initial training in the different Professional areas that will enable them seek and appreciate careers as sociologists in such applied fields as education, medicine, industry, prisons, administration, the armed forces and social welfare and Africa in the context of which research is to be carried out.
  • By exposing students to the theory, principles and methods of the two disciplines taught in the department, to develop and improve students independent mind, writing and analytical ability as well as objective and critical judgment. This will enable them to develop their ability to scientifically observe, collect and analyze data on cultural and socio-economic issues, on the basis of which they can understand social problems, make policy recommendations objectively and thus contribute meaningfully to national and social development objectives. To this end, the Department attaches great importance to students’ participation in courses and tutorials through seminars, term papers, and application of social research analytical tools through research projects.
  • Against the above background, the Department aims at producing and maintaining a steady output of well educated, committed, disciplined Nigerian citizens who are inspired by their grasp of social patterns, processes and problems in Nigeria, Africa and their interrelationships with the world community to seek solutions to social problems and contribute to improving the quality of human life in Nigeria.
  • The Departmental programme offers valuable preparation for many different careers since it scientifically examines society, social causes and consequences of human behaviour. It especially examines social forces, which shape and are shaped by people, the work place and the family; the social institutions; social services and social processes, which shape public affairs. Thus, students planning careers in various fields find the sociological and anthropological understanding complementary and enriching to their professional education in such areas as Law, Urban Planning and Research, Communications, Media and Journalism, Health Services, Personnel/Human Resources Development, Nursing and the Human Services Professions. Graduates of the Department have found employment in various human services in private and public sectors of the country like: Policy Analysts, Administrative/Personnel Officers, Career Diplomats, Bankers, Police Officers, Demographers, Intelligence Officers, Social Workers and Guidance Counselors. The exposure to other Social Science disciplines especially in the first two years as well as the compulsory General Studies Courses in the Use of English, Humanities and Natural Sciences ensures that students are well educated and their perspectives broadened. Their performance at Civil Service examinations and public/private settings underscore the relevance of the breadth of their education. Periodic reviews of the Departmental programme ensure that the department retain relevance to changing societal problems and respond to the national developmental needs while maintain internationally accepted academic standards.

The University Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) Entry Mode

In addition to the minimum entry requirements of the Coal City University candidates for admission into the Department of Sociology by entrance examination are required to have a credit in English Language in the Senior School Certificate examination or its equivalent.

Direct Entry Mode

Candidates for direct entry should have at least a Merit level pass in the two-year diploma of recognized universities, two-year diploma in social Work programme; or at least General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level passes or their equivalents in any three of social-science subjects and such art subjects as History, English Literature, Archaeology.

Transfer Students

Transfer students from recognized universities are accepted on merit. Students with any other qualifications acceptable to the University Senate may also be admitted.

Job Opportunities

Sociologists are employed by research institutes, the criminal justice system, public health and welfare organizations, private businesses, law firms, international agencies, medical centers, educational institutions, advertising firms, survey and polling organizations, and beyond. Students with a bachelor’s degree in sociology often secure employment as social researchers, case workers, paralegals, public relations workers, administrators, community organizers, public policy researchers, and data analysts.

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